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CTA International : Bringing Power Into Compacity

17 Juin 2022 | Latest News

The CT 40mm gun (or CTAS for ‘’Cased Telescope Armement System’’) is deployed onboard the French Army Jaguar and has been acquired by the British ministry of Defense for the Ajax. It is today the most efficient turret integrated response to the armed forces need for superiority on the battlefield.
Several integrations of the CT 40mm already exist in manned turret (Jaguar and Ajax) and in remotely-operated mode (RapidFire or Philoctetes VBCI) with various types of ammunition loading. There is indeed a wide range of possibilities and the CT 40mm imposes itself as the easiest solution for integration in any turret with the best ratio as far as efficiency and compacity are concerned in comparison with other medium 30 to 57 mm calibers.
The assets of the CT 40mm and its telescoped ammunitions are numerous : compact, it allows to maximize the crew’s load and to meet the need for well designed land vehicles. In addition, its 85° pointing range offers a large polyvalence in dealing with surface and air threats.
Beyond a power gain quadrupling the 30mm capability and offering any compact turret an exceptional lethal capability / size ratio, CT 40mm gun is also especially robust and extremely reliable. Maintenance is therefore low cost and easy thanks to a mecanic and electronic concept free from gaz, oil or link ammunition feeding.
With its smart magazine ensuring a large flexibility and reliability for the end-user, the CT 40mm has become the most relevant solution for manned and unmanned (in particular robotized solutions) turrets.