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HELPED by COGES Events, in the new outdoor demonstration area of Eurosatory 2022 exhibition

21 Avr 2022 | Latest News

As a world first, in the dynamic demonstrations area, visitors will be able to live the immersive experience of the first integrated crisis management demonstrator HELPED* by COGES Events.

HELPED is a French comprehensive proposal for aid to the population in response to all types of disasters and conflicts. (*Humanitarian Emergency Logistic Project and Eco Development).

First integrated demonstrator of global crisis management

HELPED (Humanitary Emergency Logistic Project and Eco Development), a project to create a new industrial sector offering a multidimensional solution in the event of complex crises that are always difficult to anticipate:

• Demonstration of French products & services dedicated to humanitarian and development actions
• An immersive experience with a guided walk through the show’s new outdoor demonstration area
• Nomenclature: Means of logistics mobility; Provisioning, transport, relief, storage; Installation of communications; Land development; Fluid and energy supply and management; Temporary and collective installations, development; Protection of networks and transactions; Depollution of areas and mine clearance; Protection of supplies and transport; Means of resilience; Service and means of protection of areas and sites